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Apartments of Riverside Drive

Apartments of Riverside Drive is a series of collages created using standard sized snapshot photographs taken from a moving car while travelling Riverside Drive in Windsor, ON. A main thoroughfare in Windsor, this is where a number of large apartment buildings are situated to take advantage of what some term to be one of Windsor’s best features - the Detroit skyline.
Viewed from Detroit, this concentration of large edifices presents a facade of urban density, though when travelling Riverside in Windsor, they are revealed to be largely vacant.

The mirroring of the compositions alludes to the way the respective waterfronts of Windsor, and Detroit present to each other. Facades, which are quickly dismantled by closer examination. In these collages the buildings are removed from their physical contextual space, doubled, and recomposed.  


These works are part of a larger body of work examining the relationship between Windsor and Detroit called Even when we are looking North we are looking South.

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